Why We Named Our Daughter ARADYA


Aradya** derived from Sanskrit word Aradya, means 'to be worshiped, first one, to be accomplished or to be made favorable.


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Tips to induce labor naturally


As we're getting closer and closer to the most beautiful blessing of child-birthing I decided to write about a few tips I've come across to help induce labor the natural way. Walking has been one of the tips I've been doing and let me tell you it makes me tired but feeling good and stronger. Drinking red raspberry tea is definitely a must for me I love the tea laugh out loud. Intercourse is fun so why not right 😉 Nipple stimulation is another one I would recommend trying.

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Getting closer to childbirth, Signs of labor

Getting closer to childbirth, Signs of labor

Hi there (: I hope your doing well. As for my baby girl in the oven and I we are preparing for our journey to childbirth. My husband and I couldn't be any happier knowing that the time is here, any moment now our lives will change forever. We are both so ready to hold our precious blessing. Baby has dropped and the waddling is in full affect. Laugh Out Loud.  Signs of labor are in place. I've been taking it easy doing some light yoga for hip openers, squatting, drinking lots of water, getting the most rest possible, reading, practicing some breathing techniques, receiving massages from my honey, sitting back with my feet up and more.

20161130_100814_hdr38 weeks

This morning I started my day with a few hip openers and some squats. Felt really good, helps to release some of the pressure from my joints. Followed by cups of water back to back. Yes the bathroom has been my number one room to be in more now than ever laugh out loud. With the baby being so low running to the bathroom has been my thing. 

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Books I’ve read during my pregnancy


They say that during pregnancy when you have a craving its because your lacking a certain nutrient.  Well I'm 36 weeks along and haven't had any cravings by far besides maybe an ice cream once every 3 weeks lol So I take it that I'm doing pretty good on my nutrients. Amen. 

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Vegan Pakoras for Dinner

Vegan Pakoras for Dinner

Hello there everyone how are you guys doing? I'm doing Fantastic! (: Our pregnancy is going amazing and we couldn't be more thankful. Little baby is growing so quickly it amazes me. Time is flying by and I just wish there were a way to make it slow down. I'm enjoying our moments together and I'm in no rush for it to be over as much as i want to meet my baby and hold her and kiss her all up. 


So over the weekend my soulmate and I went to alachua fl to spend some time with family. We had an amazing time as we always do when we go. We all get into fun activities. Share laughs, foods, we chant for happiness, go to the springs, take a dip in the pool and more.

As we were all sitting around talking our uncle Prema was in the kitchen making some Pakoras and we had no idea what pakoras were, but they were sure yummy! He made them out of cauliflower dipped in flour batter.  They were gone is seconds laugh out loud. Being that they were so yummy we couldn't wait to make some of our own. So that's exactly what we did last night for dinner.

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Full Moon August 2016

moon-973100__180Many people feel the energetic vibrations from the Full Moon. The cool fact about a full moon is that it always means the Sun and Moon are in opposite Zodiac signs. It's a time of super charging and gaining balance. The solar yang and the lunar yin are in harmony.

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Shoulder dystocia during labor

As my learning about pregnancy and delivery continues I feel like sharing what I come across as I go along. With that being said lets dive in (:

During labor some woman go through this stage called SHOULDER DYSTOCIA; which is one of those complications that is hard to predict. Shoulder dystocia is a specific case of obstructed labor whereby after the delivery of the head, the anterior shoulder of the baby cannot pass below, or requires extra help to pass below the pelvic symphysis. This is diagnosed when the shoulders fail to deliver shortly after the fetal head. While it happens most with large babies, it can and does occur when the baby is less than eight pounds.


Normally when you start pushing, your baby is facing away from your pubic bone towards your sacrum. Usually, after your baby’s head is born, her head and body will turn sideways. This allows her shoulders and body to pass comfortably through your pelvis on the next contraction. But with shoulder dystocia,  usually the front shoulder that gets stuck behind your pelvic bone although it is also possible for the back shoulder to get stuck on the sacrum, preventing her body from being born.  (more…)

Labor and the Love hormone

Ever wonder why labor takes so long at times? Has the thought ever crossed your mind that giving birth is some what related to making love to your spouse? 

Well, the reasons for long labors and birthing sessions are because of the following: Fear, tension, & pain! The more fear you have the more tension you build up in your body. The more tension in your body  the more pain. From fear we release adrenaline which then causes tension build up which then results in pain. And the more pain you feel the more fear you have. And Being that the uterus is the biggest muscle in our female bodies it gets tensed up when other parts of your body are tensed. Which therefore causes pain in labor and birthing. It just becomes a cycle you want to brake out of!

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Week 15 of pregnancy : a Beautiful Breakfast for a Bright Sunny Morning




This morning i woke up feeling great! In high spirit 🙂 Drank my one liter of water to start my day followed by some light meditations.  Then I went on pinterest to find some more inspiration and guidance during my pregnancy.  i came across many Affirmations, baby ideas and more. Pinterest  always peaks my interest .  Then, I went on youtube to see whats new with all the amazing bloggers and channels I’m subscribed to.  I find joy in discovering new ideas and new vlogs from people who are passionate about their cause. As we are rounding out  15 weeks the baby is now the size of an orange. It’s eyes are fused shut although  they can still sense light. My baby is now inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid in helping to develop the lungs.  I can’t believe I’m already in my 2nd trimester, I feel as though time is flying by so fast. The flutters are now in reach of my awareness <3 I feel so much joy to know I’m blessed and healthy to be mothering such a precious gift.  (more…)

Why having sex is good for you 5 Must know facts !!!!





After orgasm hormone prolactin, responsible for relaxation and sleepiness, is released.

It all has to do with hormone production during intercourse, as sex boosts the production of Oxytocin (which helps you and your partner bond by cuddling) and decreases the production of cortisol (which induces stress). (more…)